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Places of interests in Honduras to visit from Hostal Altamira de San Pedro Sula






Honduras is visited by travelers from around the world for several reasons,

including the visit of its forests, islands and beaches by cruise ships, aircraft or road,

being its main engines eco-tourism, cultural tourism and archaeological tourism.


TELA, ATLÁNTIDA near Hostal Altamira San Pedro Sula Honduras

TELA, ATLÁNTIDA, is one of the main cities of Atlantida. It keeps under the same Caribbean sun: a kingdom of adventure - on land or water - in its two national parks and botanical garden; a collection of blues, that only starts on its beaches, and another of natural forms in its reef. All of this with the Caribbean flavors of the ‘machuca’ and rice and beans, amidst Garifuna rhythms - a culture that is an Intangible Heritage of Humanity and lives on the fine sand of villages like Tornabé, San Juan, The Ensenada and Triunfo de la Cruz.



Roatan Island near Hostal Altamira San Pedro Sula Honduras

UTILA, BAY ISLANDS, a natural paradise, a magnet for divers and an underwater scene for the largest coral reef in America; a reserve with mangroves, wetlands and tropical savannas; an international school; a whale shark meeting point; a research station and the home of the swamper, an iguana endemic to the island. It is one of the safest and cheapest places in the world to get PADI diving licenses of all levels. That's why thousands of people come from everywhere to train in the luxury yard of their diving schools: the Mesoamerican Reef.


ROATÁN, BAY ISLANDS near Hostal Altamira San Pedro Sula Honduras

ROATÁN, BAY ISLANDS, they say the Caribbean kept a secret for many years. Colors in a rich and biodiverse reef, a landscape with turquoise blue horizon and mountains covered with tropical forest would be the signs on the map that lead to this natural Honduran treasure. Its islets and keys are the Caribbean's way of explaining paradise. The definite sign that you have arrived is that you walk by its waters seeing your footprints in the bottom of fine sand, almost ivory colored. Now, a million people a year find that map and follow it in direct planes, cruises and ferries, to find a treasure that does not fit in a coffer.



COPAN'S RUINS near Hostal Altamira San Pedro Sula Honduras

COPAN'S RUINS ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK, COPAN, It’s a collection of monuments of extraordinary individual value and a monument in itself (World Cultural Heritage, UNESCO). The richness, style and finishes of its sculptures and architecture are unique among the Mayan sites discovered. This political and ceremonial center, capital of the city-state of Copan, ruled the southern border of Mayan civilization, and reached 21,000 inhabitants, including some non-Mayan peoples, between the 5th and 9th centuries. This different origin is reflected in its own sculptural style, which provides the longest, stone-carved, text of the Mayan world: the Hieroglyphic Staircase, which borders the other buildings of the Acropolis, including the Ball Park, the images of rulers and altars in the Great Plaza, the tunnels and the set of graves located in the vicinity of the archaeological park. Part of the beauty of Copan is found in the subsoil of monuments planted in a natural park where animals still live in their habitat, such as macaws flying freely in the locality and plants that animated the ceremonial and political imagery of this impressive monumental and cultural display. Altar Q stands out as the most famous monument in Copan. It was dedicated by King Yax Pasaj Chan Yopaat in 776 AD. C. and has representations of the first 16 kings of the Copan dynasty carved on its sides. Meanwhile, the Stone Xukpi is a dedicatory monument of one of the first phases of Temple 16 (Structure 10L-16), built to honor K'inich Yax K'uk 'Mo’, among others.


CAPIRO REEF, TELA, ATLÁNTIDA near Hostal Altamira San Pedro Sula Honduras

CAPIRO REEF, TELA, ATLÁNTIDA, Fishermen told of some "stones” between Punta Sal and Punta Izopo. And in 2009, scuba divers discovered an underwater coral range, largely alive, that forms the Capiro reef. About 8 km of coral reef in three colonies, submerged in the center of the Bay of Tela, protecting its beaches of transparent water at 28-32ºC. The Capiro reef houses the colors of a large number of Caribbean fish and several species of coral that form the furrows and ridges that rise from 25 m to 10 m deep. The predominant species of the bar is the lettuce coral, which in some areas occupies 90% of each m2 of coral. To reach it you travel between 7 and 8 km from the coast. Here you can receive PADI courses for beginners and experts, or immerse yourself in the 20 sites identified along the submarine novelty of Tela, another unexpected adventure.



SAN SILVESTRE ECO ESTATE near Hostal Altamira San Pedro Sula Honduras

SAN SILVESTRE ECO ESTATE, In 2007, this old fruit farm became the San Silvestre Eco Estate, so that through the promotion and implementation of responsible and sustainable tourism, the local flora and fauna would be protected and preserved. In it you walk through a tropical forest that envelops you and spreads the well-being of the natural wealth of the site. As part of the tour you can also take a refreshing dip in the fresh and crystal clear waters of the San Silvestre River.


CUERO Y SALADO WILDLIFE SHELTER near Hostal Altamira San Pedro Sula Honduras

CUERO Y SALADO WILDLIFE SHELTER, ATLÁNTIDA , It is a natural protected area located in the triangle formed by the Cuero and Salado rivers, with dry and fluvial channels where animals can be appreciated in their natural state, along with very interesting birds. Here, about 35 species of animals are protected. Attention to tourists in the shelter is in the hands of the co-driver Fundación Cuero y Salado, FUCSA (or Cuero y Salado Foundation), and of the guides and families of the local communities associated with the community tourism company LARECOTURH.

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